About Dr. P.P.Kannan

Dr. P.P.Kannan has rich experience in Child Psychiatry and Substance Use Disorders including Alcohol dependence. He also provides professional help for Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Marital Problems, Sexual Problems and childhood behavioral problems.

He is a faculty in Madras Medical College/Institute of Mental Health and working as Associate Professor in Psychiatry.

He had presented papers on Alcohol use Disorders in three consecutive National conferences.
He had worked in rural areas of Tamil Nadu for few years before specializing in Psychiatry that is helpful in differentiating the cultural variation in symptoms manifestation.

In his views, Psychiatric Consultation is meant for improving one’s quality of life. Unfortunately, some people misconceive as only individuals suffering from PSYCHOSIS reach for such consultations.

His team includes a physician, a neurologist and a psychologist. During his consultation, he evaluates the behavioral and emotional problems and guides the individual seeking help to avail psychological therapies or pharmco therapies. Outcome is measured in terms of qualitative improvement rather than absolute cure or failure.